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The Planinvesti Group has significant market share in service provision and benefits management for small and medium-sized companies. We believe that to provide a good service, one has to understand the needs of each client in detail. Our activity is based on the premise of the relationship with the client and full responsibility for implementing our offer. With a modern structure, always using cutting-edge technology and keeping up with market innovations and trends, we offer speed in data transmission, facilitating the entire process of sending, receiving and checking of the information and the documents provided.


To plan, develop and supply integrated services and benefits solutions, meeting the personalized needs of our clients.


To be a national benchmark for small and medium-sized companies, by establishing a reputation based on speed, efficiency, quality and security in the provision of services and supply of benefits.


Work carried out with dedication, honesty and trust. Trailblazing and courage to go beyond our own limitations and to find solutions where others only see obstacles.

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